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YOU & I is a curated location for finding 6000+ designers & craftsmen in 50 nations. We search the world to find extraordinary, quality items for every single element of your life.

Imagination Is In Danger

Worldwide, we're quickly losing generations of craftsmen' abilities and innovative options for our future. It's progressively harder for independent designers and craftsmen to complete versus big business, gain direct exposure, scale their business and get in touch with people who appreciate their story.

How do YOU & I make an effect?
Our company believes the essence of a remarkable item is the story behind its people, imaginative procedure, and motivation. YOU & I is an online platform for independent designers and craftsmen to inform their story and communicate with a worldwide neighborhood that shares our principles.

What do we represent?

Mindful intake
What you own belongs to your self-expression. Select high-quality items that motivate you and help you live life to the max.

Commemorating and Securing Imagination
Join us in empowering designers, craftsmen and innovators to flourish online by acquiring and treasuring their special productions.

The Excitement of the YOU & I!
Immerse yourself in our motivating world. Come across incredible developments and reclaim the pleasure of shopping.

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